About Farvis

Farvis Ltd has been a family run engineering business since 1840 manufacturing and selling bitumen boilers and agricultural boilers in a variety of sizes since the 1940s see their website.

In recent years the popularity of agricultural, shellfish and barley boilers had diminished. Husband and wife team Martyn & Julia, directors of Farvis Boilers Ltd have re-launched the agricultural, shellfish and barley boilers. Both have great enthusiasm for the benefits obtained by feeding Linseed & Barley as a supplement to horses.


Linseed & Barley Horse Feed Recipes

Linseed and Barley
There are loads of benefits to feeding your horse with linseed, including:
  • Boosted immune and respiratory systems
  • Healthy cell and strong bone development
  • Aids recovery after competition and training
  • Healthier, shinier coats
  • Calms temperament and aids concentration

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